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What We Do

Deliver cash savings, measure progress and manage compliance

Spikes Cavell equips decision makers in the public sector with the business intelligence, online tools and analytical insight they need in order to transform the way they procure goods and services.

Since 2003 Spikes Cavell has equipped hundreds of public agencies and higher education institutions with the business intelligence, online tools and analytical insight they need to find savings, become more transparent and benchmark procurement performance.

At the heart of Spikes Cavell’s proposition is the Observatory - an online platform that facilitates the delivery of spend and contract visibility quickly, affordably and with little effort on the agency’s or institution’s part.

Everything we do is driven by data

Public sector spend, contract and pricing data is often incomplete, inappropriately classified and distributed across financial management and purchasing systems that are only partially integrated. This 'data deficit' renders the analysis and management of spend difficult, time consuming, expensive and unreliable.

Our sophisticated, scalable and public sector specific methodology addresses the 'data-deficit' by rapidly transforming your spend, supplier and contract data into actionable business intelligence regardless of the completeness, accuracy or fitness for purpose of the source.

Unrivalled public sector information management expertise

We’ve processed more public sector datasets than any other service provider on the planet and in the process accumulated an unrivalled body of real-world experience. That’s why we know what works and what doesn’t and what’s possible and what isn’t.

We’re focused on outcomes

Unlike some of our competitors we’re not fixated by the latest technological advances and fancy features. It’s what you do with the data and analysis that matters most and that’s what matters to us.

Modular, data-driven and public sector specific online tools

The Observatory is a modular suite of data-driven online tools that have been designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of the public sector:

  • SPEND & CONTRACT VISIBILITY - profile your spend to find savings, identify opportunities to aggregate demand and manage 'maverick' purchasing
  • TRANSPARENCY – cut costs, eliminate complexity and reduce risk in complying with the Government's Transparency Policy
  • SOURCING - determine where you might be able to appropriately direct spend in order to more effectively support suppliers and third sector organisations in the local economy
  • PERFORMANCE - evidence your progress, create context through comparison and address price variance
  • SUSTAINABILITY - measure and manage CO2 in the supply chain

Delivered as a cloud based hosted service, Observatory implementation occurs within weeks and with minimal effort on your part. Dedicated expert support is assigned to work alongside you to ensure you extract the maximum return on your investment.

Innovative, data-driven and public sector specific services

Our supply management, payment recovery and advanced analytics experts deliver an innovative range of data-driven professional services in the event that you don't have the time, available resources or specialist expertise:

  • Advanced Analytics – we are pioneering the aggregation of multiple public sector datasets and the application of advanced analytical techniques to reveal hidden insights in the data
  • Savings Opportunity Diagnostic – a comprehensive and customer specific assessment of the potential for delivery of procurement related savings and how to deliver them
  • Category Reengineering – a managed programme designed to deliver significant savings by transforming the procurement of goods & services in complex categories. We have particular expertise and practical experience in the social care, construction, professional services and ICT categories

Tailored to the specific needs of individual segments

The public sector is comprised of discrete segments each with markedly different dynamics. Consistent with our customer-centric philosophy we reflect the unique characteristics of each segment with adaptations and extensions to our core products and services:

  • Local Government
  • Central & Civil Government
  • National Health Service
  • Higher Education
  • Further Education
  • Police
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • Charities & Voluntary Organisations
  • Registered Social Landlords