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Data Transformation

Everything we do is driven by data

Public sector spend, contract and pricing data is often incomplete, inappropriately classified and distributed across financial management and purchasing systems that are only partially integrated. This 'data deficit' renders the analysis and management of spend difficult, time consuming, expensive and unreliable.

Rapidly transform your data into actionable business intelligence

Our sophisticated, scalable and public sector specific methodology addresses the 'data-deficit' by rapidly transforming your spend, vendor and contract data into actionable business intelligence regardless of the completeness, accuracy or fitness for purpose of the source.

We use multiple data sources to provide granular insight into your spend

No single financial management or purchasing system contains a truly complete and sufficiently granular analysis of your spend; our methods, tools and technology have thus been designed to make best use of multiple data sources including:

  • Payables
  • Purchase Cards
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contracts
  • 01SOURCE

    Raw spend and contract data from your payables, purchase order, purchase card and contract management systems.

  • 05ENRICH

    Enrich your data by appending supplemental attributes from Spikes Cavell and licensed 3rd party reference datasets to each of your core trade vendor records.


    An accurate extraction of your raw financial data with minimum effort on your part to ensure that your raw payables, purchase order or purchase card data is fit-for-purpose.

  • 06REDACT

    This is the identification and redaction of payments made to individuals (for example foster carers and vulnerable adults in local government) or where national security, personal security or foreign relations might be compromised.


    This process standardises the data, removes duplicates, identifies and fixes errors in preparation for subsequent processing.


    We aggregate all of the spend and related data for each public sector body we work for into a single, unified and consistent master database.


    Rapid, accurate and cost effective classification of your vendor, purchase card and, where available, your purchase order data.